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Find The Perfect Cup or Disc

Kim Rosas

Want to make the switch to reusable period care but it's too confusing? That's why Period Nirvana is here.

Let’s get started!

Get to know your body - finding the right cup or disc is easier the more you know about your anatomy."

4 Things to Know



To ensure a good fit you should pick the cup size that aligns with your age. Teen= XS. Under 30= Small. Over 30= Large.

Pregnancy History


If you carried 1 or more pregnancies full-term (36+ weeks) you should use a size large cup, no matter your age. Even if you had a C-Section.

Cervix Height is Key


Get intimate. Measure your cervix height to make sure you pick a cup that isn't too long, or a disc that is easy to reach. 

Cup or Disc?


Decide if a menstrual cup or menstrual disc is a good match for your needs. They each have pros/cons to explore.

... it's not black or white

Like life, the rules have a grey area. That's why we designed a quiz to help find the right cup or disc for you.

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Discover which cup or disc is best for your needs with our menstrual cup and disc quiz. The Period Nirvana Quiz features the most diverse set of outcomes and only matches users to trusted, quality brands. Updated regularly, the PN Quiz was developed by the top expert on reusable period products, Kim Rosas, who has over 11 years of experience matching people to the perfect products.