Is your period underwear safe?

thinx lawsuit 2023

Recently the popular period underwear brand Thinx settled a lawsuit regarding PFAS in their products.

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Based on information and belief, Thinx uses PFAS chemicals to enhance the performance of the Underwear, including but not limited to, its "moisture-wicking" and "leak-resistant" qualities

What are PFAS?

A group of chemicals known as perfluoroalkyl substances, PFAS for short, are considered “forever chemicals” because they don’t break down in the environment. They’re used in common household items such as nonstick cookware, food packaging, and even carpets.

What do PFAS do?

A recent review from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outlines a host of health effects associated with PFAS exposure, including cancer, liver damage, decreased fertility, and increased risk of asthma and thyroid disease.

Are there safe brands?

According to independent tests by Mamavation, 65% of the period underwear brands tested contained PFAS. So yes, several brands are safe to wear. Keep reading for recommendations.

Brands to trust

Aisle, Saalt Wear, RevolCares, Cora, and Modibodi are reusable period underwear brands with low or undetectable PFAS levels.

Thinx customer?

If you have previously purchased Thinx you can learn more about the 4 million dollar settlement and your options.

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