4 Interesting Facts About The Cervix

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Your cervix plays an important role in your body. Yet many don't know where or what it is.

Here are 4 things you probably didn’t know that you'll thank me for later.

None shall pass. Well... almost none. Your cervix is the bodyguard of your uterus. Its job is to keep bad bacteria and foreign objects out. 


So don't worry about your tampon or menstrual cup getting lost. Your vagina is a dead end thanks to the cervix! The only thing allowed through the cervix is sperm.

Your cervix moves. How high or low your cervix is can vary based on where you are in your cycle.


You may find that your cervix is lower at the beginning of your period but this isn't the case for everyone.

A low cervix =  44 mm (1.4") or lower

An average  cervix = 45mm (1.8″) – 55 mm (2.25″)

A high cervix= 55mm (2.25″) or higher

Your cervix has a super power. For a baby to be delivered vaginally the cervix has a big transformation to accomplish.


The cervix dilates during labor to an opening 10 cm in diameter.

That's the size of an average bagel - amazing!

Your cervix can be tilted.  Caused by the uterus' position a "tilted cervix" is just another way of saying "tilted uterus"


The cervix can be "tilted" in various angles. Most are unaware they have a tilted cervix/uterus unless told by their healthcare provider.

Being aware of a tilted cervix can help menstrual cup or disc users better insert products to avoid leaks.

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